Monday, February 20, 2012


Its been nice to see wiki used as an organizational tool for the various events we run.  Casey took advantage or wiki by creating a group that could help organize the Dessert Auction. This was a practical and helpful tool for the individuals who did not want to duplicate a dessert. I look forward to seeing where wikis will be applied for us in the coming months.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things 3 and 4 have seemingly caused more trouble for me than did our first two "things." Currently, it would appear that I am back on track thanks to our wonderful librarian Sara, and her helpful/sympathetic approach to my kind. I look forward to bulking up my blog in the coming months, but am having trouble choosing a theme.  It seems my mind is taking me more places than I can comprehend all at once...sounds familiar.
Posting a video proved to be more challenging than originally expected. Perhaps this is because I tend to try and figure things out on my own using trial and error, as opposed to actually READING directions.   Hypocritical behavior from a teacher; nevertheless, my video was posted and I fully intend on using said video for my future classes.